29 June 2008


Marked by Icsid's anniversary on June 29, World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) is a day to actively engage design professionals and design enthusiasts to explore their creativity, innovation, vision and passion in recognition of the role of industrial design and designers in our society.

The following events will take place around the world on June 29 to celebrate World Industrial Design Day:


The Association of Canadian Industrial Designers (ACID) will showcase a Canadian retrospective of industrial design in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the organisation.

Tupperware will host a special Icsid Corporate Innovators (ICI) culinary designer roundtable discussion in Montreal. The unique event will gather a select number of members from the industrial design community with leading 'non-design' representatives from the local community including city and international government officials. This event will provide a creative opportunity to share information about the industry of design, the organisation, as well as its many international activities with a select target audience.

Umbra's Concept Store in downtown Toronto will host an in-store retail event promoting industrial design for their consumers on June 29.


Instituto Profesional DuocUC de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile will host a dinner with members of the local design community. Designers and corporations will gather to commemorate the occasion. The event aims to gather other Chilean members of Icsid.


Finnish Association of Industrial Designers (ORNAMO) will celebrate WIDD on Suomenlinna Fortress Island, where 40 years ago, in July 1968, the seminar for design students by the legendary design thinkers Victor Papanek,
Bucky Fuller and Christopher Alexander was held. The organisation will also launch the first ever book on the history of Finnish Industrial Design in honour of their 40th anniversary celebrations.

Find out more information about this event.


Free admission to the red dot design museum in Essen.Visitors will have free access to three special exhibitions that will be presented at that time: “Design on stage - winners red dot award: product design 2008”, an exhibition of all products that have won the renowned “red dot” design award, “Bose Design. The Expression of Technology” presenting the work of this year’s design team of the year, and the special exhibition “red dot award: design concept winners’ exhibition”, a journey into the future of design based on the products that have won in the category red dot award: design concept.

Icsid Senator Peter Zec of Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen will host a private dinner amongst the industrial designer community in Germany.


The Hungarian Design Council will celebrate World Industrial Design Day at WAMP, a Design Street Fair held in Budapest on that day. A series of games and activities will be organised to support public awareness of industrial design.


The National Institute of Design (NID) will celebrate NID Alumni Day to coincide with World Industrial Design Day on June 29th. These celebrations will be organised at NID Heritage Campus-Ahmedabad, NID PG Campus-Gandhinagar, NID R&D Campus-Bangalore, as well as at the NID Delhi Centre. Interactive sessions within the alumni community as well as with existing NID students will be held on this day, celebrating not only design but also encouraging free flow of ideas and give impetus to growth of the designer network.


Plans for a WIDD Commemorative Symposium is taking place to be co-organised by the Japan Industrial Designer's AssociationJapan Industrial Design Promotion Organization

(JIDA) and the (JIDPO) on June 4. Many of Japan's leading designers will be invited to a panel discussion in addition to a special keynote speaker Mr. Makoto Shimazaki – who attended the first Icsid Congress.

The design museums at the International Design Center Nagoya (IdcN) and the Japan Industrial Designer's Association (JIDA) will be open with free admission on June 29. It is intended to have a free-admission day every year on this day.


Inovent will hold a press launch for the first International Industrial Design Challenge in the Philippines on June 29. www.inoventdesign.com


Taiwan Designers' Week is an annual event organised spontaneously by a group of Taiwan designers and co-organised by Taiwan Design Center. This year, 2008 Taiwan Designers' Week will join the network of those celebrating the 1st World Industrial Design Day.


"Design to Innovation: what, when, how?" is an event organised by Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) and Industrial Designers Society of Thailand (IDS). To celebrate the 1st World Industrial Design Day, the event will include a talk on "Design to Innovation: what, when, how?", a round table "Study ID serve Industry Need or Not!" and a work shop "Design value: Business value".

Sat. 28 June 2008 | Auditorium, TCDC
11:00 - 12:00 - Talk
“Design to Innovation: what, when, how?”
By Ernest To, Senior Consultant of Philips Design
(140 seats available)

13:00 - 14:00 - Round Table
“Study ID serve Industry Need or Not!”
By Instructors of ID Dept, Industrial Education from Universities, Students and ID organizations
(140 seats available)

14:30 - 17:00 - Workshop
“Design value : Business value”
By Ernest To
(50 seats available)


Istanbul Technical University (ITU) will host the International Design Lectures in conjunction with the World Industrial Design Day on Sunday June 29 - an event organised by the Dept. of Industrial Product Design since 1998. Leading professional and academic figures from industrial design such as Ettore Sottsass, Konstantin Grgic, Ezio Manzini and Richard Buchanan were among the one that appeared in the ITU lecture series. The WIDD event on 29 June 2008 is kindly supported by Nokia and Icon (TR) design magazine.

ITU, Hall 127 Taşkışla, Faculty of Architecture
17.00 Welcome
Professor Alpay ER, PhD FDRS
Head of the Dept. of Industrial Product Design, ITU

17.10 The Future of Industrial Design
Eero Miettinen
Group Design Director, Nokia

18.00 Cocktail in the Garden, Taşkışla

United Kingdom

Tangerine will host a private celebration for members of the company's design team.

Take part in the activities

Below are a few ideas that might inspire you as you plan to commemorate the occasion:
  • Send a message to your members, students and contacts in your network announcing that WIDD will take place on June 29, 2008.
  • Distribute a press release to your media network expressing your support for WIDD.
  • Include a WIDD component to an existing event taking place around the same date, such as a design exhibition, conference or workshop.
  • Engage with local, regional and national levels of government to highlight industrial design's value for economic and social growth.Host your own original event in honour of WIDD.
By taking part in the World Industrial Design Day celebrations, your organisation will have contributed to the overall advancement of industrial design through nurturing a global understanding for our discipline.
Poster by Uwe Loesch

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