24 - 26 October 2011

2011 IDA Congress


The aim of the IDA Congress is to bring together the unified voice of designers around the world in a themed framework to advance the vision and mission of the IDA by engaging with government leaders (commerce, trade, culture, etc.), INGO's, business, science and technology, education, the social sciences (ethnography, sociology, etc.).

The IDA's primary objectives for the congress are:
  • To promote the value of design-based collaboration between designers and non-design stakeholders;
  • To provide an engaging and educational experience for the memberships of the IDA Partners and to promote interaction among the memberships;
  • To position the IDA as the global voice of design and an enabler of innovation.


"Design at the Edges"

The congress theme has the following meanings:
  • The edge between the design practices and other fields having a stake in design, including: science, technology, government, business and non-governmental humanitarian organisations;
  • The edge between design disciplines, especially industrial, communication and interior design/architecture - what do they share in common and what sets them apart;
  • 'Cutting edge' work and ideas in design and in other fields: radically new, controversial, experimental, pushing the boundaries of the discipline.


To address the theme – Design at the Edges – the following fields have been identified for their global relevance and having a stake in design:
  • Economic development
  • The Internet
  • Biotechnology
  • Urbanism
  • International Migration
The programme aims to:
  • Focus on how design can mediate between edges of fields with a stake in design;
  • Inspire creative design concepts within these fields;
  • Induce more dialogue between designers and other fields that have a stake in design;
  • promote the value of design and explore design-led approaches as an enabler of innovation.

Morning plenary sessions
The morning plenary sessions will comprise five keynote sessions during the 3-day programme. Keynote speakers, selected for their advances in the fields of; economic development, the Internet, biotechnology, urbanism and international migration, will introduce leading-edge thinking over the course of the three mornings. A panel of design experts representing industrial, communication and interior architecture/design will individually respond to the keynote with relevance to each discipline, followed by a moderated discussion that will conclude the overlap between the session topic and design.

All five keynote speakers have been confirmed, to learn more about them, please go to the morning plenary sessions morning plenary sessions.

Afternoon parallel sessions
Afternoon parallel sessions offer an in depth exploration of the Congress theme – including interactive design salons, regional reports, professional practice sessions, opportunities for exchange between young designers and an academic track of refereed papers, concluding with an education symposium. ‘Design Explorations’ offers guided tours of Taipei and the exhibitions of the 2011 Taipei International Design Expo, a parallel Congress event organised by Taiwan Design Center.

Read more about the afternoon parallel sessions.

Industrial Design at the Edges of the 5 Topics
Industrial design focuses on the integral application of composite knowledge based on the development of ergonomics, aesthetics and economics. In particular, economic development has enabled industrial designers to now play major roles in business strategies and not just in product design per se. How can design thinking help businesses grow in the emerging mega-markets of China, Brazil and India? How can design thinking help businesses continue to innovate and grow in mature and declining markets?

While the Internet connects the world, cloud computing technology expands the range of industrial design. Through the eye of design, business extends from visible products to invisible services. Cutting edge theories of biotechnology, such as bionics, green power or medical care, inspire the development of new bio-material, green designs or universal design trends. In the topic of urbanism, industrial design focuses on developing strategic design processes that enable more effective solutions to complex urban or social problems. In the ever-increasing trends of international migration, pioneers in human-centered design help to improve people’s standard of living through real products.

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Icsid held its first biennial congress in 1959, in Stockholm, Sweden. The international design alliance partners have previously held a 'joint congress' every six years. In October 2011, the first 'IDA Congress' will be held in Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei).

History of the Icsid congress

About the IDA

The International Design Alliance (IDA) is a strategic venture between the international organisations representing industrial design, communication design and interior architecture/design. The alliance was created by its founding partners, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) and the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) in 2003. In 2008, the IDA welcomed the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) to the alliance as the third partner.

The alliance is based on the desire of its partners to 'do together what they cannot do alone,' concentrating on opportunities arising from multidisciplinary collaboration.

The design community working together for a world that is balanced, inclusive and sustainable

To bring the benefits of design to world bodies, governments, business and society.

  • To serve as the collective voice of design
  • To develop and share knowledge of design around the world
  • To stimulate innovation through multidisciplinary design collaboration
  • To promote the mutual interest of all design professions
  • To encourage the use and value of design by building relationships with world bodies


After an international Call for Proposals, the Taiwan Design Centre was selected in 2007 as the host member society to organise the inaugural 2011 IDA Congress.

About Taiwan Design Center

Creative design is the key to the upgrading of national competitiveness. To promote the development of the cultural and creative industry, the government in 2003 had established Taiwan Design Center, a national design center. Taiwan Design Center became officially operational in 2004. Taiwan Design Center has been positioned as an integrated platform to promote creative design. Its main mission is to upgrade original creativity of Taiwanese designers, promote international design exchanges, upgrade market competitiveness of Taiwanese industries, help enterprises build up their own brand, raise value-added of the said industries, and tell the world that the era of "Designed in Taiwan" has come.

Supporting organisations

Supporting government bodies
For a complete list of supporting government organisations, please visit the 2011 IDA Congress website.

Taiwan Design Alliance
Taipei being selected as the venue for the 2011 IDA Congress prompted the establishment of the Taiwan Design Alliance (TDA), a non-profit organisation, in August 2008. TDA intends to actively engage Taiwanese design in a global context, making its voice heard in the international design community. TDA comprises members from seven major design organizations and associations ranging from industrial design, interior design, graphic design and design promotion in Taiwan. The establishment of TDA will help pool the resources of Taiwan design associations and organisations, and oversee Taiwan’s cultural and design policies as a force in the private sector.

Global partners
A number of global partners will play an instrumental role in supporting and promoting the congress, For a complete list, please visit the congress website.

Photographs courtesy of: Taipei Information and Tourism and the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation & Communications , R.O.C.

Key dates

2011 IDA Congress Taipei
24-26 October 2011

XXVII Icsid General Assembly
27-28 October 2011


Taipei International Convention Center

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