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23 - 27 November 2009


Design Difference: Designing our World 2050

'Design Difference' is a call to re-establish the relevance and value of design. It necessitates a review of the design issues that we strive towards to make a better world through pervasive design. Over the course of three days from 23-25 November 2009, a global forum of speakers and delegates from the design and related industries, government, educators and thought leaders will gather from all walks of life to address how design can make a difference by 2050.

At the 2009 Icsid World Design Congress, you can expect speakers from around the world to engage in conversations and interactive sessions spanning a diverse and multi-dimensional perspective, including opportunities and possibilities in Asia and the new powerhouses of the world. The programme comprises of the Main Conference, the Icsid Design Education Conference, a Design Exhibition, Icsid's General Assembly and an array of Social Programmes.

Key dates

9 September - Extended early bird registration deadline
22 November
- Education Conference
23-25 November - Congress
26-27 November - General Assembly

Location: Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Keynote speakers

In addition to the Design Studio leaders, the Keynote speakers for the Icsid World Design Congress 2009 are:

Ged Davis
Global Energy Assessment
Laxenburg, Austria

William E. Halal
George Washington University
Washington DC, United States

Thomas Heatherwick
Heatherwick Studio
London, United Kingdom

Emily Pilloton
Project H
San Francisco, United States

The challenge for design

Dwindling and damaged natural resources, global financial and economic systems which have spun out of control, geopolitical conflicts and a world which has become interconnected 24/7, all require new approaches and solutions for which there are no current models.

Design has the ability to tackle ill-defined and open-ended problems and enables a route to solutions that can represent a qualitative step forward. Many such efforts in the past have been centred on the individual. However 'Design Difference' will embrace a larger context and explore better organisational structures, more relevant and sustainable industry, healthier communities and more liveable cities. In the context of these affects, 'Design Difference' will question how we build a future that is viable, sustainable and better by design?

What will the world be in 2050?

The world can be what we want it to be. The urgency of our man-made problems requires us to look beyond intellectual insights to solutions that are currently unknown. The indelible difference affected by design resonates at many levels. Design, coupled with our collective vision, possesses the power to transform and shape our economy, our culture our society, our lives.

What is Design Difference 2009?

'Design Difference' defines itself as a platform for the exchange of ideas and an ongoing framework for the organisation of positive change. It aims to become a collaborative source of global cross-sector and cross-disciplinary design, which goes beyond commercial considerations to create value that can permeate all aspects of life.

In November 2009, Singapore will be the place where the future is collectively charted, by both keynote speakers and delegates. The Congress will comprise a three-day forum of presentations, ringside debates and plenary sessions structured to explore the possibilities that design can bring to individuals, organisations, communities and society as a whole.

Who will be there?

Designers, business leaders, community leaders, educators, scientists and entrepreneurs all have a stake in the difference that design can make in developing a better world by 2050. The Congress offers a unique opportunity to participate in the debate with some of the world's leading thinkers, to imagine a better future through design.

About Singapore

We look forward to seeing you in Singapore - a distinctive location for you to experience the discerning design landscape of the region. Immerse in the constant cultural combustion of the city and discover a myriad of unforgettable experiences - rich in contrast and colour yet offering a harmonious blend of cultures, cuisines, arts and architecture.

Come see the possibilities.

For more information, please visit: www.icsidcongress09.com

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World-renowned creative experts will lead the Design2050 Studios at the congress.
A parallel event from 20-30 November 2009.
26-27 November 2009, Icsid Members will address administrative issues and future strategic initiatives.

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About Singapore

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