[Image: SOLAR MAN]
05 March 2009


About the design

Solar Man can be used under any conditions, in any country. Its modular design allows the rider fold it in order to take it onto public transportation. Its body has a cover to prevent users from accidentally being injured by moving parts. As a vehicle that requires electricity, the Solar Man takes advantage of solar energy, ensuring that the energy source is always full and eliminating any pollution. An internal plug can be extended for charging. Solar Man weights only 12 kg.


Lotus Prize 2008, Bronze prize winner in  Category B: Vehicle Design

About the designer

Designer: Chen Weiping
School: Shih-Chien University (Taiwan, China)

About the award

2008 Lotus Cup International Industrial Design Prize is a brand new international design prize that aims to encourage and celebrate all the innovative achievements of industrial design and the contributions of designers both inside and outside of the Hunan province, China.

Through this competition, the organiser and sponsor, the Hunan Provincial Government of China, aims to promote the innovative nature of society and the business world, and to use design as a way to create an environmentally friendly and resource-effective society in Hunan Provence.

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