[Image: Safety Hammer]
05 February 2010


About the design

This is a new kind of easy-to-use Safety Hammer which is pasted directly onto the glass of a vehicle and will not fall off.   To use it, simply pound the Safety Hammer to break the glass in case of emergency. It simply needs 20N (2kg,10N/kg) of force to break it. The Safety Hammer can be used by all  types of individuals, including young and old. To install it, it should be placed on the upper middle part of the glass, which the weakest part.

Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Awards - Golden Prize


Gao Meng(China)

D’E Yuansu Art and Design InnovationLab

Product Design Category
Household products

About the award

The Dongguan Awards cover open groups and enterprise groups, and its submissions ranges from electronic information, toy, furniture, machinery (adi-pot), and transparent nano-membrane technology design to medical equipment products design.
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