03 May 2010

2009 Science & Future

About the design

Touch down means this car can be used as the speed of the aircraft mad rush, but also really unusual. It carries our dreams and aspirations to break the shackles of tradition, to show you a 5 to 20 years or even beyond the future.

Low body, wide tires, as well as the unique design of the front and rear lights, enough to attract those eye.

The car is equipped with a battery power system, completely zero emissions, and its use is mainly derived from solar power or wind power plants issued by the electricity, in order to best protect the environment.

Four wheel electric motor systems for the car provide ample power, fully able to meet the "QUICK" groups with respect to performance requirements. In-car facilities, has also joined the high-tech embellishment. By hydraulic chair lift device, it can rely on the rear of the hydraulic connections vacant, thin and comfort. And by the screen in the middle of the steering wheel, which integrates all the necessary information, in exchange for highly efficient lives.

The rear of the car, the battery slot is designed to make it be a real different car between other cars. Battery tank containing a total of six high-capacity batteries can be removed separately, and to recharge. Or you can directly go to the charging station and replace a battery filled with power. The new charging method can save them a lot of times.

A strong driving force, superior performance, unique integration of modern technology, the user-friendly battery system, adds the final elegant shape, make up the perfect Foton Touchdown!


Silver Award of Best Harmonious Beauty, the First "Science & Future" International Concept Car Design Contest

About the designer

Guo Ke was born in July 1987, studying at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Transportation Design Department. He has once won 2008 PEUGEOT Design Contest in France, and his work "P.R.O" was included in the top ten. During college time, he excellent accomplishing projects like BIAC concept SUV interior & exterior design, Beijing Hyundai concept TAXI design, and China Central Academy of Fine Arts new design studio interior design. His works have an intense sense of beauty and style has become widely favoured.

Guo Ke    
Transportation Design Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts

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About Science & Future International Concept Car Design Contest

This contest focuses on self-determined scene design of future lifestyle. The new style of this contest is determined to encourage participants' inspiration and passion, to trigger the independent innovation in car design industry.
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