03 May 2010

2009 Science & Future

About the design

It's 7:30 a.m. Angela gets in Muon and grabs the steering wheel, which senses her pulse and checks her pupils to play a Bossa Nova music on the Internet sympathizing with her a bit depressive feeling. She has had the car optimally customized for her physical and psychological condition in the first place. Now the AI of the car has learned she loves Bossa Nova music when she feels under the weather like today. The 100% personalized thermo sensor and heating wire in her seat warm her body in the freezing cold weather in a winter morning of New York. She was from a quiet countryside in South Carolina and followed the course of nature since birth. She would think of New York as a hell covered with concrete without any trace of earth. This most unfavourable environment has brought her atopic dermatitis and depression without her noticing. Before she bought this car, the only place where she would feel spatially and temporally relaxed was her workplace, the botanic garden. A warm and fresh breeze of phytoncide is given off from the vent on the IP face as if it were comforting her depressed soul. Besides, the interior design is her favourite part as it is made of complete environment-friendly material that makes her feel as if she was in the greenhouse of the garden. When she looks out of the emerald window, New York is no longer a hell to her. She is driving her Muon to go home during the upcoming winter vacation. She starts another day hiding the excitement of family reunion.


Silver Award of Best Creative Future, the First "Science & Future" International Concept Car Design Contest

About the designer

Taeho Yoon was born in Korea on July of 1981, entranced into Art Center College of Design, Pasadena , USA in fall 2006, majoring in transportation design. He was an intern for Mercedes - Benz from May, 2009 to October, 2009.

Taeho Yoon
Art Center College of Design, Transportation Design   

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About Science & Future International Concept Car Design Contest

This contest focuses on self-determined scene design of future lifestyle. The new style of this contest is determined to encourage participants' inspiration and passion, to trigger the independent innovation in car design industry.
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