Shown here from left to right: Take Up, Pull Up, Twist & Turn
11 December 2006


Milano (Italy) - By observing the kids in kindergartens and immersing in the homes of some first time mothers, a team of Italian designers from Design Continuum in Milan, created a new product line for Chicco, which accompanies the baby in his natural growth, from bottle-feeding to drinking from a glass – a product line that meets the needs of babies, mothers and teachers. Here is how Continuum has flipped the baby bottle on its side.

The intimate mother-baby relationship of the first months, the tender gestures in the bottle feeding rituals, the baby’s hand on top of the mother’s hand, and the baby’s first attempts to grab and hold the bottle where observed to re-design a bottle experience that brakes away from tradition.

This is how the new Chicco Baby Bottle weaning line was born. It includes Take Up, the bottle flipped on its side to encourage the baby’s independency, Pull Up, the extendable cup which promotes the baby’s playful exploration, Twist & Turn the bottle that may be used on the go which utilises the paradigm of a drink’s can aperture.

The line is the result of a new type of design: emotional design, which focuses on the emotional relationships that an object engages with its users. “Our task was to identify new product solutions that could accompany and facilitate the baby’s spontaneous growth from baby bottle-feeding to drinking from a ‘grown up’s’ glass” – says Valentina Ziliani, senior designer in Continuum and project manager – “To do this we have applied our user centred research and design process, an empathic process based on the observation of babies mothers and kindergarten teachers, to collect emotional and rational insights on the baby bottle weaning experience. We focused on the intimate rituals that take place between the baby and the mother from the first ‘bottle meals’ to the achievement of full baby independency.”

The first Baby Bottle on the market is Take Up. It is easy to hold, and can be laid down vertically or horizontally without spilling to allow the baby’s intuitive use. It holds as much as a regular bottle but its compact design makes it easier to warm it up in a microwave, wash it by hand or place it in a dishwasher.

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