World Design Talks

Icsid members hold World Design Talks in their respective regions to address local challenges—such as urbanization, climate change, migration—through a design lens.

Aims & Objectives
Established by the Board in January 2016 to address member priorities, the World Design Talks—including the accompanying online platform and larger biennial international gathering—aim to:

  • Engage local industrial design communities (including the younger generation of industrial designers and other like-minded professionals and non-governmental organizations) in all regions of the world to identify local problems, with global relevance, and their design-led solutions.
  • Gather best practices and challenges and share them online with regions around the world to empower other communities to transfer/interpret these to support their own needs.
  • Inform a world design agenda to be set at a biennial gathering of the wider design community.

Knowledge Sharing
The knowledge gathered from each of the World Design Talks will be shared online (currently via a LinkedIn group called World Design Organization). Various communications tools will be used to share/summarize this World Design Talk content, including final report, infographs, feature articles, news releases, videos, presentations, backgrounders, and case studies.
Working groups established at the World Design Talks will continue their work online to further build upon and strengthen their design-led initiatives in the lead up to our biennial general assembly.

Setting a World Design Agenda
The findings of the World Design Talks and the subsequent online conversations will help to define our common ground and establish a world design agenda that reflects regional priorities. In conjunction with our biennial general assembly in October 2017 (our 60th anniversary), we will gather the wider design community to address the common ground established by the various World Design Talks throughout the term and establish a world design agenda that reflects regional priorities.

For more information about World Design Talks, please contact Gemma Peralta, Special Events Officer at