Above: 29th Icsid General Assembly in Gwangju, South Korea. Photo by Greg Samborski.
Congress and General Assembly

Icsid congress

The first Icsid Congress was held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1959, the biennial congress and general assembly of Icsid consistently provided a forum for innovation, dialogue and progress in the field of industrial design. It was at the first Icsid congress and general assembly that Icsid began its role in shaping the profession of industrial design. At this event, the membership had grown over a two-year period from 12 founding member societies to 23 from 17 different countries, reinforcing the need and desire for a world body of industrial design. With a rich history of over five decades of congresses spanning the globe, this international event has consistently drawn a diverse group of professionals and industrial design stakeholders who strive to share and learn about the latest directions, issues, ideas and best practices in design.

Icsid General Assembly

The Icsid General Assembly convenes biennially, bringing together Icsid's leadership, membership and external stakeholders to discuss the progress of the closing two-year term and prepare for the incoming term's activities.

The general assembly is the highest authority of Icsid with decisions at the event taken exclusively by council members – i.e., corporate, educational, professional and promotional members. Through the general assembly’s structure and process, members are empowered with the responsibility and opportunity to address key issues affecting the industry, guide the future of the organisation by electing new leadership, and align the direction of the organisation with the interests of both the membership and the wider international industrial design community.