Connecting to People and to Ideas
October 11-20, 2007
San Francisco, United States

"We are planning the design event of a lifetime. I promise you a program that will be lively and fun, as well as make your head hurt some of the time. Our location in the heart of San Francisco is spectacular, and the weather is lovely in October. Join us for an experience that you will remember forever!"

- Bill Moggridge, Congress Chair, Cofounder IDEO


Connecting People and Places, Connecting Virtual and Visceral, and Connecting Beauty and Bounty

The event explored the implications of an evermore connected world, devoting a day each to connecting physically, virtually and culturally. Participants searched for connections between design, business, brands, services, technology and society. This event was an opportunity for participants to connect with people from diverse design disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities.


Wednesday, October 17: Opening Night

The Congress opened with A Celebration of 50 Years of Icsid, featuring Icsid President Peter Zec and IDSA President Michelle Berryman. Congress Chair Bill Moggridge shared a preview of just some of the highlights in store for CONNECTING’07 attendees. Following an audience participatory activity, we had the chance to visit the Design Gallery and lobby spaces of the Masonic Center to look at the displays and partake of delicious food and drinks from all over the world.

Thursday, October 18: Connecting People and Places

On Thursday our theme wass Connecting People and Places. We examined the connections between people around the world and across cultures, learning philosophies and methods for integrating the human sciences into design processes. The presentations about the physical connections between people and places encompassed transportation, both past and future, and the design of places for working and living, as well as the relationship between people and the sustainability of the places that we occupy.

Friday, October 19: Connecting Virtual and Visceral

Virtual and Visceral was the theme for Friday, October 19, when we examined the implications of digital technology, balanced by our intuitive gut reactions. What impact is new technology having on your work and life? What does the internet mean to you? Where do you rely on your intuition and fluency as a design thinker?

Saturday, October 20: Connecting Beauty and Bounty

We examined the connections between aesthetics and business, between designers, entrepreneurs and industry with the theme of Connecting Beauty and Bounty. How can we value a qualitative contribution? What’s the best way to talk to people with MBAs? On Saturday afternoon, we returned to the Masonic Auditorium for the IDEA awards presentation and a ceremonious closing moment. Then we went to the waterfront at Fort Mason for an evening of feasting and fun, with fabulous music and plenty of dancing.