Interdesign Workshops
Since 1971 Icsid's Interdesign Workshops have been devoted to analysing, developing and solving issues of international significance. Generally hosted by an Icsid member society, Interdesign Workshops are forums in which designers from different countries and cultures work together with local experts for an intensive two-week period, exploring design issues of regional, national and global importance. These workshops seek to provide innovative and appropriate solutions intended for implementation

Over the years, workshops have covered a broad range of themes, including design for the environment, specific user groups, specific materials, product development strategies and legislative guidelines.

If you are an Icsid Member, trade organisation or association, or government agency interested in hosting an Icsid Interdesign, please refer to this document (PDF - 816KB) to find out more. For any questions, please contact , Icsid's Project Manager.

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2014 Icsid Interdesign Mumbai