Jul 31, 2021

7 Of the Most Interesting Businesses You Should Pay Attention To 

Last year hit the world hard economically. A lot of the businesses that we know and love were unfortunately unable to survive due to the economic strains that they experience. Though many businesses were unfortunately forced to close, a lot of the businesses that we love did manage to survive. On top of the businesses that we love managing to survive, there were a whole lot of brand new businesses introduced within the last year. Here are 7 of the most interesting businesses you should pay attention to. 


Doggy Treats 

Doggy is a brand new business that hit the market during the lockdown. The business owner gained a lot of social media attention for making her dog treats while she had to spend time away from work due to the effects of the global pandemic. What makes the treats made by Doggy Treats really stand out is the fact that she uses cbd oil for dogs. Her reasoning behind using CBD oil is to help dogs that experience anxiety or even suffer from medical issues such as chronic pain. Doggy Treats have skyrocketed in popularity in the last few months, and we predict that the company will soon reach global success. 

Walt Disney 

Though this isn’t exactly a brand new company, there is no doubting that the Walt Disney Company is not extremely interesting. Disney has managed to break into all points of the market, from music to merchandise. What really makes this business stand out is how much of a cultural impact it has had on essentially everyone, as Disney films and TV shows were a big part of all of our lives growing up. What other businesses do you know gained so much popularity that they made entire theme parks dedicated to their films? 


4,417,684 Business man Stock Photos | Free & Royalty-free Business man Images | DepositphotosIf you are someone that is engrossed in internet culture, then you have definitely heard of Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is a content creation company that operates mainly on Youtube. Buzzfeed has made a lot of content that has gained a lot of attention, and the company is not without its controversies. In the last few years, a lot of the content creators that became very popular within the company decided to leave due to unfair treatment by the company and claims to their intellectual property. The company seems to want to bounce back from its past controversies and has now changed the contract that it has with content creators. 


If you are someone that loves buying niche and independently sold items, then you have definitely used Etsy at some point or another. Etsy is a great way to source items that are not sold commercially. Etsy also likes to put a lot of focus into supporting small and independent brands, which really makes it stand out from other sales sites. You can find pretty much everything on this site, and Etsy specializes in funky custom decoration, so be sure to check it out.  


Have you ever sat in bed desperate for snacks?  Sometimes we all have a busy day and have no intention of heading to the shops, but still want to stock up on sweets and drinks. Fancy is a door delivery service that operates out of a warehouse, where they stock every kind of snack you could ever want. All you need to do is download the app, and a courier will be at your house within thirty minutes, which is probably faster than it would take you to head to the shops and go home.  

Broken Doll Repair 

When it comes to doll repair, Sandy Hohne does it all

This one may seem creepy for those of you out there that don’t enjoy dolls, but doll repair businesses actually exist. If you are someone with a child, then you will know just how irresponsible they can be with their toys, even if they adore them. Dolls especially get very easily broken and ruined, which leaves many children upset. The Broken Doll Repair company promises to take whatever doll you give them and have it back to you within the following week, fully repaired and looking brand new. This company has done some good deeds by repairing family heirlooms and bringing life back to beloved toys.

Surprise Vacation 

If you are someone that loves to go on holiday and you also love to gamble, then you will love Surprise Vacation. This company basically sends you on a random holiday and encourages you not to fall into the rut of going to the same place all of the time. You don’t find out where you are going until a month before, which gives you plenty of time to purchase the right kind of outfits and lookup tourist locations that you can check out while you are there. This is something you should try once in your lifetime. 

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