Mar 06, 2021

CBD, TIkTok and Streaming: Examining the Trends Dominating the Business World

Though you may find it hard to believe, the world of business is completely dependent on the trends that are going on in the world around us. All you have to do is take a look at TV advertisements to see just how influenced businesses are by trends right now. After all, if it wasn’t for ongoing trends, would we have never seen the Harlem shake integrated into an advert about car insurance.  It is extremely clear just how much trends dominate the business world,  but there is no wonder why. Trends fall into circulation due to their love by the general public and the general public are the people that these businesses want to sell to.

You may be wondering, what are the current trends that are taking the world by storm right now and why did they become so popular to the public?


Unless you have been residing under a rock for the last two years, you probably haven’t been able to escape the hold that TikTok has had on the world. It started off with TikTok adverts on every single platform and eventually, we all succumbed to the promises of entertainment and made an account. Since then, TikTok has been impossible to escape. Even if you are someone that doesn’t necessarily use or enjoy the app, it is hard to deny how much it has integrated itself into our society.

If you are a smart business owner, then you would be missing a trick to not somehow get TikTok involved in your advertising techniques. After all, there are many ways that you can do so.

Sponsoring content creators

Some businesses don’t have the time or know-how to make their own TikToks and so one of the best things that a business could do is sponsor a pre-existing content creator. Pre-existing content creators already have a large following. If you were to pay them to advertise your business or even provide them with some of your products for free, then they will share your product with their audience. If the audience sees that one of their favorite content creators is using the product, then they will want to purchase them too.

Small businesses

As well as larger businesses using TikTok to their advantage, small businesses have been using TikTok to increase the popularity of their businesses. There is a rumor in the world of TikTok that using a particular sound bite in your TikTok increases the popularity of your TikTok. Small businesses have been using this to their advantage, as well as clever editing. This clever editing has given them the opportunity to really showcase the quality of their products and has given them a bigger platform to reach potential customers.


Due to the changes in in-laws in recent years, one of the biggest trends that have hit the world is the increased usage of CBD. Much like TikTok, the CBD trend felt as though it appeared out of nowhere. If you walk into a mall, you are bound to encounter kiosks that are selling some sort of CBD product.

In the last decade, there has been a lot of research into the positive elements of CBD, such as its ability to help combat anxiety as well as helping with sleep issues. CBD also creates a general calming feeling which has got a long line of consumers hooked, so there is no wonder why it has grown in popularity in the last few years.

Businesses have been using the brand new worldwide appreciation of CBD to their own advantages. For example, merchandising shops have sold plenty of lines of products that let users express their own love for CBD, such as hats and tops.

Businesses have also looked into how they can develop the world’s love of CBD further and introduce brand new products into the world. When trying to really get into the workings of CBD, people companies have also looked into other aspects of the marijuana plant to see what is marketable.  A lot of companies have been asking, where did delta 8 THC originate from? This is because they want to know more about how it works and whether or not it is marketable.



If companies aren’t branching out into producing CBD products for themselves, they are instead investing in CBD companies to support the income of their other businesses. This is because there is good money to be made in the CBD stock market, so it is understandable that people are trying to break into it in order to make some extra Dolla.



You may have also noticed in the last year or so, more and more people have been turning to streaming.  This is because a lot of us have been left with a lot of time on our hands due to the unfortunate circumstances that have been created by the global pandemic.


There has also been a change in the way that a lot of platforms operate, so some content creators have moved on from their previous platforms and have delved into platforms that offer the opportunity to stream.  Streaming is a great way to engage with your audience and for that reason, it’s really obvious why businesses are using streaming services to their advantage.

Sponsored content

Much like TikTok, one of the main ways that businesses have been utilizing streaming to their advantage is by sponsoring streams. By sponsoring streams, you are encouraging streamers to advertise and promote your business to their audience. A smart business owner will choose someone that has an audience that their business would appeal to. So if you had a business that sold makeup, it would be a good idea to sponsor the stream of someone that is a beauty guru. There is a lot of opportunities to advertise your brand to the right clientele, as long as you are smart about the way in which you choose to utilize streaming.

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