Jan 27, 2021

How a nation’s progress is highly dependent on science and technology?

The role of science and technology has increased in several folds in the recent few years. This is so because technology is taking the science to a next level. In the innovative world and artificial intelligence, we are becoming highly dependent on science and technology. 

In several methods, it is far better than our past and now a new race of development has taken place. Every nation must pay attention to science and technology for better and faster development. The growth of every economy is becoming highly dependent on Science and Technology. In the recent few years, it is seen that economies with more development of Science and Technology are doing better than other countries.

Industrialization and production

You will find that to perform better a country needs industrialization and good production methods. For this Danny to innovate something new and should be fully dependent on the matter of Machines. In other words, you can say better Technology will give them the freedom to install and produce good machines, which can give them high yield production. 

For faster industrialization, they are also dependent on science and technology. This can improve the pace of development in industrialization, which can produce more capital for the country. They can also compete with the other countries in the matter of production by large production operations. It is seen that large side production usually has a low cost. 

This will help our country to reduce the rate and fight competition at the international level. This can make a significant difference and take the economy to its peak point. Therefore, you will not receive the fact that the Nation’s progress will improve in several forces when they are putting special emphasis on the development of Science and Technology.

Better transportations

Infrastructure can play a major role in the overall development of a nation. Transfer facilities play a great role in infrastructure development. There should be well-connected roads to every part of the world. Another model of transportation like bus heavy vehicles trains and airports should be developed. All this is only possible when there is a good number of Engineers and scientists. 

They can tell us to do development most sustainably. Which does not put harm to the present ecosystem? Better transportation can give fuel to industrialization and help them to supply the finished goods at the airport quickly. This is very important in the matter of production where the goods are perishable. This is also possible to supply the raw material to the industries in the quickest possible manner.

For the uninterrupted production of the goods, it is important to have a regular supply of raw material. This is only possible when there are good transportation facilities available. Train and shipping are the two major types of transportation, which are required for the industries. 

The above-mentioned modes of transportation are cheaper and can carry the operations in bulk. Usually, their cost of operation is very low and due to this factor, the cost of production will be low. To fight the international competition for the industries it is necessary to keep the cost low.

Innovative products and services

The next thing is the innovative products and services which are essential for good profit and development of a nation. Scientist and engineers are the two major types of professionals which a country need to give a new Hike to the innovative products and services. This is only possible when our country is putting special emphasis on the development of Science and Technology. 

The government should provide enough Research and learning Institutions for it where students can go and learn more about science and technology. With the help of skills and knowledge, they can invent something new. This will be putting a direct impact on the earnings and gross domestic product of a country. More GDP will give them good growth and they will be able to improve per capita income. 

It is seen that the innovation of new products and services is only possible when you have good learning Institutions for science and technology. So to grow a nation should put special emphasis on Science and Technology Sector and make sure that they are encouraging everyone to be ahead in this particular sector and create something productive and new.

Employment opportunities

Employment is necessary for the overall development of a nation. There is no sense of a development where the gap between rich and poor is increasing at a drastic rate. Overall development means that every segment of the country should have equal opportunities. In the matter of earning, there should not be a big app between the two segments of the country. 

For example, if there are slums near the skyscraper, building there is no sense of such development. This is only possible when a country is providing enough chances for the growth of the study of science and technology to every segment. They should ensure that everyone is getting enough employment opportunities to grow and Earn Well. 

A better lifestyle and equal earning opportunities will also keep the crime at Bay. Science and Technology can create a good number of employment opportunities and they can learn self-employment. This means that it will reduce the burden on the government to create employment for its citizens.

Emerging new sectors

There is no limit to Science and Technology because they can emerge in a new sector for better opportunities and work. This can give birth to a new Class of those who know how to generate extra income through various innovative methods. 

It is seen that countries with the enriched knowledge of Science and Technology can produce more number of services and create new types of industries. They can create new methods of earning through innovative services and products. This means that the development of Science and Technology can put a direct impact on the development of a nation.

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