Oct 18, 2021

How Do Viber Make Money

Telmon Marco and Igor Magazinnik created the Instant Messaging and VoIP service Viber in 2010, which was acquired by the Japanese eCommerce giant Rakuten in a $900 million deal. In order to generate revenues, Viber uses its Viber Out VoIP to provide users with international calling (for $5.99/month) to their family, friends, and colleagues in 60 countries around the world Business owners and entrepreneurs can utilize Viber for Business as an advertising platform to connect with their target audience through instant messaging and

History of Viber

It was developed by Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinnik in 2010 and is an instant messaging and VoIP platform. A long-distance relationship had Marco concerned about communication with his lover while based in New York City being rather expensive. This prompted him to seek a cheaper alternative and reached out to entrepreneur Igor Magazinnik whom he had In prior to founding Viber, the pair created the P2P file sharing service iMesh, which would provide them with the capital they needed to launch their new business. During the first two years of Viber’s operation, it was funded exclusively by friends and family. In order to keep costs as low as possible, they hired developers in Cyprus and Belarus. As of the end of the first six months, the iOS version has been downloaded 350 million times. The Viber mobile application allowed users to send and receive messages between each other and sync their contact lists with their phones. Users of Skype, for example, had to take the time to create a buddy list of their Rakuten acquired Viber in 2014 for $900 million, making it the largest acquisition ever by an eCommerce company. Users of the platform are concentrated in countries in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. There are 250 million active users monthly worldwide on the app.

Viber revenue generation

Viber was supposed to remain free as Marco and Magazinnik intended. The company, which was acquired in 2016, set up several revenue generation strategies after the acquisition. Here’s a look at what each has to offer.

Viber Out

With Viber Out, users are able to call friends, family, or coworkers in more than 60 countries using VoIP technology. Over 75% of the global population is represented by these countries collectively, according to the company. Users can make unlimited calls for a week if they sign up for a free trial. From then on, Viber’s monthly fee will be $5.99. For users who wish to make international calls, they can purchase pay-as-you-go credit. Credit can then be used to make calls abroad, and from country to country, the exchange rate varies.

Viber for Business

For businesses that want to be able to reach their target audience through instant messaging, Viber for Business can be a useful advertising solution. Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are two of the more notable organizations to utilize this service. In Viber for Business, you can take care of the entire customer journey

Marketing teams can target their messages to reach a wide audience with in-app ads, stickers, offers, and targeted messaging. The ability to segment customers to customize marketing messages via Interact. Make in-app purchases with Viber – Viber allows you to use in-app purchases easily. Continue communicating with them – as a way to provide a long lasting relationship, merchants can follow up with more adverts, messages, and promotions to build Monthly fees are charged for this service. The cost of this service varies by region and business.

Viber stickers and games

Using Viber stickers, users can create colorful chat threads in which they can express themselves. With Sticker Market, users can create their own stickers for free or buy stickers that they like. You can buy a sticker pack for around $2 most of the time. Aside from games for one player, the platform offers games for both single and multi-player users. There are some that are free and some others that are paid.

Key takeaways:

It is a platform for instant messaging and VoIP founded by Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinnik in 2009. At the time Marco was in a long-distance relationship and paying for expensive international phone calls, this idea for the platform sprang to life. There is a monthly subscription plan called Viber Out that lets users call non-Viber users in 60 countries across the globe. As an extra feature, the company also provides users with pay-as-you-go credit which can be exchanged for minutes on the phone. Instant messaging marketing is the key to the success of businesses using Viber for Business. Upon request, prices can be provided.


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