Making money From Gaming: How to Turn your Hobby into a Business 


A gaming career sounds like the perfect job to so many people. Rather than being stuck in an office all day, sitting at a desk, and having to work on projects day in day out, why not turn your gaming interests into a business. Not only will you enjoy your work, but there are also so many benefits to a gaming career, you will feel excited and passionate about your career choice, more time to socialize with friends and you will have the opportunity to select which hours you want to work. Some of the most popular games to play include, FIFA 2021, Fortnite, Halo, and Call of Duty. You can play these games single-player or online if you have access to the internet and have purchased Xbox live or the equivalent for your gaming device. 

Creating a business 

Starting a business requires an online presence, particularly gaming. The gaming business is highly competitive so the right social networks can assist in turning your hobby into a profession. Building relationships in the gaming community will help get you noticed.  One thing to think of when starting a business is where to begin and set it up, one way to do this is by streaming on social media sites such as YouTube, where you can practice often and give other gamers the opportunity to follow your gaming progressIn addition, working out finances is a crucial element to starting a gaming business, in several games such as Fortnite, and Halo, the competitions will be where you make the most money by securing wins.  

The skills you will need 

Many different games require different skill sets to succeed and secure wins. A vital skill to attain in the gaming world is hand-eye coordination, particularly with games that involve multitasking such as call of duty, being able to move your character whilst looking around for any of the opposition. As well as needing skills to carry out specific tasks in games, gaming itself has shown to improve skills including, problem-solving, spatial coordination, vision, and speed skills, it has also been argued to improve memory and attention span.  

Gaming as a career 

Professional gaming is an up-and-coming career option for many young gamers. Many gamers will specialize in specific games, for instance, Ninja is a professional gamer who was first recognized in late 2017 after his success on games Fortnite and Halo. He began streaming his Fortnite battlegrounds on YouTube hitting over 635,000 live streamers. He later went on to partner with Redbull and held gaming competitions where aspiring gamers could challenge him. This would be useful for aspiring gamers as they could play against their competition and potentially identify skills, they may need to improve on to support them in their gaming career.  

Rocket League is a popular soccer game originally released on PlayStation 4 and expanding across other gaming devices such as Nintendo switch in the more recent years. Rocket League is a fast pace game and often intense, particularly when playing by yourself as you cannot guarantee a win. All players have a matchmaking rank (MMR) which determines their overall ranking on the scoreboard, win will increase your rank and losses will bring your ranks down. Within the game, there are different ranks ranging from unranked to grand champion. Players can get out of the rank they are stuck in by accessing services that allow you to boost your rank in rocket league. Typically, these boosters involve a professional gamer accessing the person’s account and playing for them or the booster is a professional gamer playing against the customer.  



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