Mar 29, 2021

7 Tips to Making your Company More Money Efficient

Everyone has been adversely affected by the traumatic experience of the pandemic, and we all know a family member or friend that owns a small business who has also been majorly set back in recent times. Times are tough, and many companies are feeling the effects of the pandemic more than others are, their financial flexibility is shattering- so why not try something different? Here are 7 tips to make your company more money efficient.

Equipment and materials

This one is important for all companies, regardless of what sector your company is in. Making sure you are not helplessly spending funding on materials that you may be able to buy for a fraction of the price. Buying items in bulk allows slashing the price of materials, as big markets sell masses of items for discounted prices. This allows to save up money and make it more efficient by buying a bit more for cheaper would mean that it will last longer and be useful for future ventures. Always do your research and make sure you are getting the best possible deal!


Near enough every company is online, and especially due to the pandemic, we are on the internet so much more than we would have been a few years ago. Everything is online, you can do your whole weekly food shop online and then also go and buying various items from other shops, all at the same time. So, it is important that you know how much you are paying for your broadband and if it is the most cost-efficient choice! When researching in finding the right broadband phone and tv deal for you, there are a couple of things you should do! Make sure you call around and get quotes from a few broadband providers so you can compare and contrast the deals they are offering. Also, never ever agree on the first offer they give you; you can always haggle and get a better price- trust me! Thirdly, if you have been with a broadband provider for a long time then you should definitely ask for a better offer to get faster and cheaper broadband! Broadband prices in companies always go a miss, nobody realizes that they may be paying more than they should be!

Eliminate unnecessary purchases

Many companies get sucked into a routine or consistent pattern of offering expensive services to customers that they could discontinue no loss of customer satisfaction. Sometimes, offering more services is not the best long-term solution as they may be more of a financial burden than profit or benefit for customer experience. Every 3-4 weeks, make sure that all employees are checking the little services which are costing the company a lot to conduct and see if there is anything you can discontinue to offer or reduce.

Boost up the prices!

Depending on the current economical/financial situation, you may benefit from raising your prices by approximately 5-10 percent, without experiencing any backfiring or issues with customers. As long as your companies services stand out and are of good quality, and your workers are friendly and helpful; people will want your service regardless of the slight increase in prices. Leaving a positive mark on your customers are happy customers which will return and help the financial situation!

Help other companies

Giving a helping hand to neighboring businesses will have its positives for sure! You are able to split advertising and promo costs if you strike a deal with a company that you may have worked with before or even personally know. The prices of promos will be cut right in half, which is already making your company more money efficient without a doubt. And after all, if you are helping another company that is in need of support, maybe they will also be able to help out if you were in crisis?

Vitalize the media!

Social media is a free platform to use to advertise companies and businesses- and without spending any money, it is definitely bound to help save the pounds! Being able to sell yourself and look good on social media platforms will entice people to want your services. Highlight the features of your company, make yourself stand and be different from a large group of people who want to strive too. Also, make use of local radio channels, or tv stations- go to your local radio broadcaster and ask for a shoutout or free advertisement- or even offer something in return. This way you are not paying for advertisements, you are using free services instead of paid promotions which will aid financial efficiency.

Be Mobile

The approximate cost of setting up a company in a permanent retail location can be up to $100,000 or more, which is a hefty price to pay for comfort and luxury- with leases spanning out from three to 10 years, it may be easier to pay less and work from a smaller, more remote location. This can allow you to save up money and be more money efficient by not unnecessarily spend money on a location/office that you might not necessarily need. First, be comfortable with what your company is earning, and when it is evident that you are becoming more financially strong, then think about expanding and developing further.

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