Apr 20, 2021

The Complete Guide to Working as a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law is extremely important and personal injury lawyers help millions of people who have been injured for example, at work, get the justice that they deserve. Every few minutes a new legal case is being filed in the US, the justice system here is one of the most important things in our society and personal injury lawyers are one of the people who uphold this the most. Personal injury cases are some of the most commonly filed cases in the US meaning personal injury lawyers are often quite busy. Although there are new personal injury cases every day the personal injury field is saturated so many personal injury lawyers struggle for work. Many personal injury lawyers have to search for personal injury leads as they may be struggling to bring in new clients. Personal injury leads are great for finding new clients so alongside legal work this is a big part of a personal injury lawyer’s work, most try to set up a sales call with at least 5 to 10 potential new clients every week. There are lots of things a personal injury lawyer must do to become qualified, and they have lots of responsibilities every single day. Their job is a very important one as if they don’t perform to the highest standards then their client will be the one who has to deal with the negative consequences. We’ve found everything you need to know about personal injury lawyers and created this handy guide. 

How do you become a personal injury lawyer?

Becoming a personal injury lawyer is a very long process as it is such a difficult and important job, so a lot of training is required. Usually, putting the work in to become a lawyer has to start at a very young age. To get onto a great law course at university then you have to be an outstanding student whilst at school. You should try to maintain a great GPA, take any additional classes and try to get some experience to help your application. Law school will then last for at least 3 years, sometimes 4. It is widely known that law school is one of the most difficult courses and that the bar exam has one of the lowest pass rates of any exam. If you put the hard work in through the standard of teaching at law school is so high that you’ll be able to pass and following this, you’ll be a qualified lawyer. During your years at law school, you’ll be able to specialize so this is when you can choose to become a personal injury lawyer. 

What are the responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer?

Like any other lawyer, being a personal injury lawyer is a demanding and high-stress job. A personal injury lawyer has many responsibilities each day and each responsibility is hard work. An average day for a personal injury lawyer could include attending meetings to advise potential clients or going to court to represent a client. This is a high-pressure environment to work in but this isn’t all they’ll do, they’ll likely also have to be communicating with their clients and the judge involved with their case, filling out a lot of paperwork, and conducting research on legal problems, and critiquing the justice system.  

When should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers who have been in the field for a long time will have seen hundreds of different types of personal injury cases, so anything you think you may need a personal injury lawsuit for but you’re not sure it’s worth asking about and you don’t need to be nervous as they’ll give advice judgment-free. If you think that you have been injured, then you don’t have to hire a lawyer but it may be difficult for you to represent yourself in court. The legal proceedings around personal injury are complex and it may be too complicated for you to put together a case if you have no qualifications. If your case is one that a personal injury lawyer will take on then you have a high chance of winning it, if you were to represent yourself in court then you’d likely get a lot less money. This makes it worth paying a lawyer as the additional money you’ll likely receive in court would cover your lawyer fees and more.  

What is an alternative?

Some people consider using an insurance company, but we would not recommend it. It comes across as a good idea but most of the time insurance companies make offers that are much lower than what you would receive in court. It may be less effort but in the long run, it is usually much better to hire a lawyer.  

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