Feb 12, 2021

Why Southern New England is Currently Prospering Financially

New England is an extremely popular region of the United States. It’s the oldest region of the United States and it even predates The American Revolution. Its made up of 6 states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The region is home to many beautiful scenic places from The Berkshires in Massachusetts and Connecticut, to The Green Mountains in Vermont and The Connecticut River which is over 400 miles long which massively adds to the popularity of this region. Alongside the amazing sites its long history draws much attention to the area, it was given its name because during the 17th Century many English Puritans fled from their country and settled in this area. The region is split into Northern New England and Southern New England. The states that make up Southern New England are Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts and this is one of the richest areas in America and is still prospering financially, keep reading to find out why this is the case.


How its history helps it to prosper financially.

All three of these states became home to English Puritans during the 17th Century but the state that had the most settlers was Connecticut. The puritans were in many ways ahead of their time and seen as forwarding thinkers. Their ideology and their beliefs transformed Connecticut as they thought as a collective about what would best benefit their community rather than just for themselves.

This led to Connecticut having one of the most well-educated populations and they had leaders who encouraged input from the community and regularly scheduled town meetings to hear what the people wanted or needed, one of the main things the community desired was for everyone to be educated, this led to the development of public schools. Thanks to the development of these public schools those living in Connecticut needed more challenges after they finished school, this led to the introduction of higher education such as Yale University which opened in Connecticut in 1701.

This University alongside Harvard in the neighboring state of Massachusetts became home to some of the smartest individuals in America at the time. Before the Puritans arrived, many people saw this region merely as farmland, thanks to the improvements in education this region became home to a shipbuilding industry, this brought in a lot of money to the region and was a fantastic starting point for them to continue to prosper. As this region made so much money years ago they’ve been able to continue to prosper financially right through till 2021 as Connecticut is still one of the richest states in America.


Why Southern New England is prospering financially today.

While the history of the region means it’s had a financially prosperous past there are many factors that explain why the region is prospering financially today. The region has many highly populated cities, 4 of which are located in Connecticut. Highly populated cities have always been linked to greater financial prosperity as it allows for all different types of businesses to thrive. From workers from the finance sector to those who perform manual labor there will be enough jobs for everyone.

For example, with so many people living in these cities they will always have needs, people always have maintenance issues with their houses and with the large number of people living there, there will always be someone hiring a roofer in ct meaning these workers are always employed. This example is mirrored in all sectors of work, as these workers are employed they may require an accountant to help with their finances which will, in turn, create more jobs for more workers. As the employment rate will be high this allows the individuals living in these cities to support all the other industries within the city allowing Connecticut and the rest of Southern New England to prosper financially.

As Southern New England is prospering financially it becomes an appealing place for others to visit as places with greater financial prosperity tend to have low crime rates and lots of attractions, this leads to more tourism which also adds to financial prosperity, in Connecticut alone tourism brings in approximately $4 billion dollars per year.

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